Greet Death-“Strange Days”(Single)

There’s this sludgy shoegaze outfit from Flint, Michigan called Greet Death. I can only assume the origins of their name are found in the Explosions in the Sky tune of the same name. I haven’t researched this, but it would be fitting, and I feel better believing it so…let me have that.

In any case, they released a new song recently entitled “Strange Days”. Let’s discuss it briefly;

Typically, I like to spend quite a bit of time with a release before I scrawl my confusion about it but I think two listens was all this took.

My ride home from the office-Listening no.2

Such a sweet, melodic bludgeoning.

A luscious, isolated guitar vibe takes me swiftly into vocals reminiscent of The Decemberists sans their head up their asses. The themes are troubled, but the perspective is slightly removed from the drama, or such is the impression I get from the gentle, dead-pan delivery. It doesn’t take long for the fuzzed-out pseudo-assault to join the party and I’m in heaven, despite my reservations about the vocals.

And the vocals don’t take long to win me over. It reminds me of a time when I was 10 or so, watching Billy Corgan hang out of the side of a goddamn ice cream truck while I wonder if this is seriously how the fuck this guy chose to sing his songs.

It was.

And this is. And it works for them.

Especially when we arrive at some sort of bridge where the vocalist takes on the repeated mantra “And now all we seem to love is the darkness”. This line is put forth over and over again and each time I increasingly forget that it’s blisteringly fucking cold out and the fact that the sun is shining brilliantly on a dying day becomes more and more apparent.

I skip the turn that would take me to my apartment and start the song over. I want to replicate whatever moment it is I just had.

Such is the effect of “Strange Days”. Give it a spin.

Talk soon.

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