An Interview with Head Ned of Okilly Dokilly

A little over a week ago, my band had the pleasure of opening up for metal outfit Okilly Dokilly. If you are not familiar with them, I honestly don’t know how that’s possible. They are the kings of Simpsons themed doom, dressed each as Ned Flanders, pioneers of “Nedal.” They are, as I learned at Memphis’ Hi-Tone, also insanely nice guys. I shouldn’t have been surprised, as they are dressed as Springfield’s most virtuous citizen, but still.

The show they put on was exceptional. I had never seen them live other than seeing videos on YouTube, but the experience was beyond what I could have expected. There’s not a lot of times where you get to see a show as brutal as an Okilly Dokilly set, while also being as funny. I can not recommend seeing them enough (as well as their touring feature act Bear Ghost, who are insanely talented and exciting).

I got a minute to talk to Head Ned, the leader of Okilly Dokilly, who was kind enough to let me email him a few questions about the tour, album, and their recent appearance on The Simpsons:

Wired Wrong: So what is life like now that you’ve been on The Fucking Simpsons?

Head Ned: Fine and dandy like sour candy. It was like that before. Our only expectation when we started this band was to play a couple small shows and earn the accolade of just having done the ‘Flanders band’. Having any fanbase at all was above and beyond expectations. Having our music video played during the credits of an episode has just been unreal.

WW: How has the tour been? You guys were absolutely fantastic in Memphis, it was my first time getting to see you live.

HN: Thanks! The tour has been really great. The episode with the music video actually aired while we were on tour in Chicago, right before we played. It was cool to celebrate that with fans that night and the following nights. 

WW: Lyrical subject matter aside, who would you say are your biggest musical influences? Anything new that’s in your current rotation?

HN: We’re big Beatles fans. Rolling Stones too. It’s a shame Mr. Burns had them killed. My current musical rotation is varied and obscure. The last 10 bands/musicians that I’ve blasted in Ned Vanders on the long drives are:
Black Peaks
Julian Baker
Bear Ghost (tour buds!)
Pink Floyd
Death Cab for Cutie
Daisy the Great
August Burns Red
Jack Johnson

WW: A cool thing I’ve noticed, both at the show and in online communites that love you guys, is that you have a pretty mixed bag of fans, some are metalheads who love The Simpsons, some are comedy fans that were brought into metal because of you. What’s the balance like for you?

HN: I really love that about our fanbase. There’s definitely a venn diagram of our fans with some in the ‘here for the brutalino tunes’ circle and some in the ‘here for The Simpsons references’ circle. Lots in the middle too. Most shows, we get to see the literal separation of those two groups, since the mosh pit acts as a sort of centrifuge. The metal fans tend to circle in the pit while the reference crowd hugs the walls. They don’t want to get Flanders Planters punched in the face.

WW: Any plans after the tour?

HN: Just a little recovery time. Some trips to the Cider Fest (gotta reach those 16 visits), a little mini-golf, a nice glass of warm milk, a little nap and a total frontal lobotomy. More details are coming soon, but we’ll be back on the road in just a few months.

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