It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a review or an interview here at WW, so I want to apologize out the gate. If I’m being honest, I have written, deleted, and re-written the first paragraph for this review quite a few times now, so let’s just say I needed to take a knee, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes your own brain makes everything shit, but every once in a while, the world throws something in my lap that crushes any sort of lugubrious horseshit I’m wallowing in, and it almost always comes to me in the form of new content from the greatest fucking rock and roll band on the planet, The Armed.

The Armed are a Detroit based experimental punk/metal outfit comprised of anonymous members of unbelievable talent. I say anonymous because their press pictures and some videos are comprised often half of actual members of the band and half with their friends. It’s possible to find the band members and collaborators on Instagram, but I’m not going to walk you through it.

my man tall as hell

So right in the middle of the aforementioned slump, these beautiful motherfuckers release a new track through Adult Swim’s summer metal series, entitled “FT. FRANK TURNER.” The song does not in fact feature Frank Turner, and actually has a picture of Frank Carter on the cover. If you follow the band you’ll come to expect this kind of absurd humor, which is a great juxtaposition to how brutal the music can be.

“FT. FRANK TURNER” is 1:28 of blistering, genre-hopping fun. It starts with a slightly electronic flair that was explored heavily during their previous album Only Love, which is its own beautifully crafted reflection on whatever the hell this planet is now. When the engine is turned over, we’re greeted with the screams of the male and female vocalists, as well as incredibly intricate guitar and bass parts layered over punk drumming, blast beats, a fucking John Zorn-like sax solo, and a slew of other ingredients that on paper shouldn’t add up to a near perfect punk song.

As well as being a fantastic song, they’ve also made a video, produced as always by Former Co., who have been the visual crafters of The Armed’s releases. The video is as beautifully shot and exhilarating as swamp men skate and light things on fire are expected to be. The end was a lot to take though.

In conclusion, Dad’s back and ready to get to writing again for you, The Armed set fire to everything shitty about this world, and Frank Turner was really nice when I met him in Austin a couple of years ago.

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