I Came as a Rat: Modest Mouse’s New passion for Bestial Snuff Photography

Typically, taking a look at Modest Mouse’s instagram account will yield an underwhelming array of poorly executed mysteries and pseudo-photography. Rarely do they mean anything. Sure, there’s the occasional clue hinting at upcoming half-hearted singles but only recently has it become somewhat interesting to check in with these elusive Washington State indie darlings.


Well, they’ve ostensibly dissected a rat and are posting, over the course of days, varying angles of its innards and decapitated head. This is interesting for a few reasons;

  1. People are pissed, predictably. And this excites me.
  2. Have they been hacked?
  3. Is this some way of telling us their breaking up?
  4. It’s pretty gross.

Whatever the case, people are reacting. The less intelligent fans are just asking, via comments, if this means there’s a new record…pleb-parrots to the bitter end. More than a few fans are just commenting the word “Why?” Most are speculating that this is the end of Modest Mouse (which, in my opinion, wouldn’t matter. Modest mouse has helped music evolve far beyond a necessity for “new” Modest Mouse), with others pointing out the obvious, that this is a rat, not a mouse. 

I mean, I’m as game for the end of Modest Mouse as any other dyed-in-the-wool Modest Mouse fan. But I’m more curious about the rat’s story. Was it already dead? Did Isaac Kill it? Who runs the account? Why string entrails across a rug and photograph it? I can’t say I’m outraged, exactly, but I am plagued by many questions. And it is my intent to bring you answers as soon as they develop.

I will refrain from dropping in pics of the rat. You know where you can see them. 

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