Louise Page: Silver Daughter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnqpx4w6Ynk Music video for Silver Daughter's first track - Future Runaway Bride Last month, singer-songwriter Louise Page released her second album, Silver Daughter, after much anticipation. Her vocal styling is emotive and full-bodied, riding the line between storytelling and musicality in a way reminiscent of show tunes but with the lilt and vocal control of … Continue reading Louise Page: Silver Daughter

Facets of Personality: An Interview with Jayson Green

Co-Written with Brennan Whalen Photo by Stephanie Levy They say that art imitates life but, sometimes it seems, art and life are one and the same. Case in point, Punk Vocalist/Comedian/DJ/Radio Host Jayson Green. Best known as the uber-maniacal vocalist for Massachusetts hardcore punk outfit, Orchid, Jayson has spent the last decade and half (roughly) … Continue reading Facets of Personality: An Interview with Jayson Green