An Interview with Infant Island of Virginia

Infant Island LP. 2018 (Infant Island) Aside: I will avoid using the word “screamo” throughout this piece because, truthfully, it does no justice to the subject matter. The miserable realization that I should give up my search for anything closely approximating the feeling I got from hardcore punk bands of the 90's and early 2000's … Continue reading An Interview with Infant Island of Virginia

An Interview with Pile’s Rick Maguire

Green and Gray, released today I’ve become a bit disenchanted with indie rock over the past couple of years. No need to go into my reasons but suffice to say that everything is just becoming a bit uninteresting and clonish. That’s why I find myself covering more and more hardcore and post-punk artists. Let’s face … Continue reading An Interview with Pile’s Rick Maguire

A Word about Soft Kill and their New Single, “Saint”

If you scrape together bits and pieces of Soft Kill’s history you will most likely find a sordid story of adversity, addiction, nomad-ism, fatherhood and, ultimately, some sort of redemption. I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start here (so I won’t try), But the sum of these elements is some of the most … Continue reading A Word about Soft Kill and their New Single, “Saint”

Corrections-Projection (A Meditation on Modern Post-Punk)

I had a very interesting conversation with Sam Nicholas of London's “post-post-punk" band, Corrections, who just released his new, state-of-the-art LP, “Projection", on France's Icy Cold Records. I’m going to request that you now switch over to whatever it is you stream music on and find it. Soak it in while you read this. I … Continue reading Corrections-Projection (A Meditation on Modern Post-Punk)

Greet Death-“Strange Days”(Single)

There’s this sludgy shoegaze outfit from Flint, Michigan called Greet Death. I can only assume the origins of their name are found in the Explosions in the Sky tune of the same name. I haven’t researched this, but it would be fitting, and I feel better believing it so…let me have that. In any case, … Continue reading Greet Death-“Strange Days”(Single)