An Interview with Infant Island of Virginia

Infant Island LP. 2018 (Infant Island) Aside: I will avoid using the word “screamo” throughout this piece because, truthfully, it does no justice to the subject matter. The miserable realization that I should give up my search for anything closely approximating the feeling I got from hardcore punk bands of the 90's and early 2000's … Continue reading An Interview with Infant Island of Virginia

Greet Death-“Strange Days”(Single)

There’s this sludgy shoegaze outfit from Flint, Michigan called Greet Death. I can only assume the origins of their name are found in the Explosions in the Sky tune of the same name. I haven’t researched this, but it would be fitting, and I feel better believing it so…let me have that. In any case, … Continue reading Greet Death-“Strange Days”(Single)