Louise Page: Silver Daughter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnqpx4w6Ynk Music video for Silver Daughter's first track - Future Runaway Bride Last month, singer-songwriter Louise Page released her second album, Silver Daughter, after much anticipation. Her vocal styling is emotive and full-bodied, riding the line between storytelling and musicality in a way reminiscent of show tunes but with the lilt and vocal control of … Continue reading Louise Page: Silver Daughter

Rosey – A Great Day to be Swallowed by a Whale

This summer has been an absolutely killer time to be a fan of Memphis musicians. Multiple bands and songwriters have been putting out their best work in the past few months and it's been incredibly exciting. Normally this would be a problem, because I am a drunk shut-in who won't leave his back yard unless … Continue reading Rosey – A Great Day to be Swallowed by a Whale